April, 2022- Pregnancy Taping Workshop

This workshop was a great way for us (midwives) to be able to offer this service to clients who may not be able to get in with you or another professional, or who may not have the resources to go. Thank you so much!

June 6, 2022- Pregnancy Taping Workshop

I really liked this workshop to be able to offer another option for clients who may not be able to see another health care provider for pregnancy-related discomforts.  I have and will continue to use the techniques learned!

Thanks again for the workshop!  Jessica RMT

June 6,2022- Pregnancy Taping Workshop

I really enjoyed the workshop. I particularly liked the hands-on method of the group guessing the most effective taping method and then everyone taking turns putting on a strip of tape.

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

November 6,2022- Workshop

I took the Pregnancy Taping and Bracing workshop from Caylea Davidson. This was a great course with a lots of new taping techniques during pregnancy. Caylea is a great teacher and takes the time to explain and show the taping techniques. My clients will definitely benefit from my new taping techniques.

Warm regards,

Renata, RMT

Feb 26, 2023- Pregnancy Taping Workshop

I really enjoyed the course, was very informative and fun to participate in!


March 26,2023- Pregnancy Taping Workshop

My clinic recently hosted a course taught by Caylea for Pregnancy Tapping. It was very informative and relevant for our pregnant clients in the community. Along with learning tapping applications for common pregnancy issues, we also learned several tapping applications for other common conditions that can be transfered to non pregnant clients. I enjoyed the practical hands on application on our pregnant clients that participated, it helped me feel confident with the skills I learned to be able to apply this knowledge confidently in my practice. Caylea’s knowledge and skills across several healthcare disciplines was evident in how well rounded and comprehensive the course was.
Melissa D (RMT)

March 26,2023- Pregnancy Taping Workshop

The workshop brought in knowledge and theories and turned them into practical experiences for pregnancies and post delivery. The course not only highlighted the use of Taping in musculoskeletal injuries, it also focused on techniques which have been treated anywhere else like TMJ dysfunctions and snoring. Very Impressed and look forward to using the skills in my daily practice.

August 20,2023- Pregnancy Taping Workshop

Caylea is extremely knowledgeable about both pregnancy and taping. She conveys the information in a very practical manner to make it less technical. I’ve never been at a course with as much hands on time. Caylea made herself very available and the demonstrations were clear and she made it fun too. The day flew! T.

May 25,2024 Pregnancy & Postpartum Workshop

I recently attended Caylea’s taping course. Despite having never used kinesiology tape before, I found the course easy to follow and understand. The provided clear step by step guidance. I left feeling confident in my ability to use tape to support my pregnant clients. Highly recommend!
Lana A.

May 25,2024 Pregnancy & Postpartum Workshop

The workshop by Caylea was super informative and very engaging. She gave us time to practice all the different techniques on other students and then work with real patients. I would recommend this course to any practitioner wanting to adding taping skills to there practice

Caroline K.